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Computer technology offers many career paths

Posted by Larson Rogers on Aug 24, 2016 12:08:39 PM

Computer Technology offers diverse career options

Today, there is no other field that offers so many different career options than computer technology. The best fit for our grads is to start as a computer support specialist. These experts advise people who use computer systems and software. They might work as part of an IT team or in a help desk role supporting non-IT users having computer problems.

But there are a number of other career paths that open up, especially once these grads gain some on-the-job experience. These include customer service, web development, networking and programming positions. Some people choose to work off-site via a customer service hotline or in a customer service chat room.Another key career direction is the pursuit of certifications. For a new computer tech, it’s crucial to gain experience in order to move up in the ranks; but certifications are another great way to be considered for higher-level roles. And they’re investments that pay off; Certifications lead to boosts in salary that will last, whether at the same company or when changing jobs.

There are a number of other career paths that open up, especially once these grads gain some on-the-job experience.

Grads interested in sales can also explore retail opportunities. Those interested in system administration can get into design and manage a company’s intranet and their web presence. Others prefer to be self-employed in the computer repair service field, where they could be their own boss.


There’s so much variety within these roles, depending on the work environment.

  • In small companies, someone in the computer tech role might do a little bit of everything: troubleshooting computers that aren’t working, installing updates and new software, building network connections, repairing hardware, configuring computers for users, providing technical support and making hardware and software recommendations.
  • In larger companies, there’s often the opportunity to specialize in a certain area. In the corporate world, technicians may be responsible for the day-to-day management of an organization’s computer systems.

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