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Displaced ITT Tech students get back on track

Posted by Anthony Benoit on Sep 8, 2016 11:15:10 AM

24355520_m.jpgThe sudden closure of 130 ITT Technical Institute campuses, including two in Metro Boston, leaves 40,000 students displaced with their educational futures uncertain and their families in emotional and financial distress. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) has joined federal and state departments of education, and colleges across the country, to help students get back on track.

BFIT is committed to supporting them as they plot a course to their intended destination—a good job in a technical field. Our admissions staff and faculty are already working with several former ITT students to make their transition into BFIT—and on to a degree and job placement—as smooth as possible. For former ITT students, we extended our enrollment deadline to Sept. 16. Click here to apply.

During this time of crisis, let’s not mistake the message for the messenger. The messenger was ITT, and the US Department of Education has clearly found serious fault with how that firm conducted business. However, the message is that our young people, returning veterans, midlife career-changers, and others, need education to fill the STEM jobs that pay well and that are crucial to our economy. The skills gap and the opportunity gap are real.

The former students of ITT have encountered a substantial barrier to success, but they made the right choice in seeking a path to education and a good job. I urge them to stay focused on the endpoint. Don’t be discouraged by this substantial detour. There are many people who are here to help you navigate your new path.

The former students of ITT have encountered a substantial barrier to success, but they made the right choice in seeking a path to education and a good job.

One lesson of the ITT shutdown is the importance of being an astute shopper when seeking education. Prospective students should never feel pressured in making a decision. Feel free to ask questions, whether you are considering a for-profit school or a non-profit college. Don’t just look at the tuition price, understand your financial aid package and look at results. How reputable is the school and who are the teachers? What do graduates and their employers say about the institution? Will they help you develop skills employers need that extend beyond technical knowledge such as communications and teamwork?

Higher education gives people a chance to learn in-depth about something they love. At its best, college will build on your strengths and support you in the areas where you need to grow. The former students of ITT were right to pursue their passion and follow their dreams. We must not let this setback stop them from reaching their goals.

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