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New student orientation matters

Posted by Ashley Mansfield on Aug 18, 2016 1:55:26 PM

orientation5.jpgThe transition from high school to college generates a wide-range of emotions for our new students, and understandably so. They will encounter new classmates, new professors, new classrooms, and new course material. They will also develop a sense of independence, which starts the moment they enter the doors of Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT). 

College is not easy, and it requires students to take on more initiative and self-advocacy to succeed. This is where Student Orientation can help.

Student Orientation enables incoming students to familiarize themselves with BFIT, our support resources, and of course, their program of interest. New students are immediately engaged in programming led by staff in student success, career services, student financial services, and student activities. By attending orientation, new students will learn tips on how to be successful. After all, they will need to quickly learn how to balance the hectic life of a college student.

Orientation enables students to form lasting relationships with their peers throughout their time at BFIT. Student connections early on will help form a strong support network to get through those difficult exams, projects and lab reports along the way.

Our student leaders who act as orientation leaders also play an integral part in Student Orientation by providing their own perspective on how to thrive at BFIT.

Our student leaders act as orientation leaders, and play an integral part in Student Orientation by providing their own perspective on how to thrive at BFIT. Orientation leaders serve as mentors to new students, and help create a sense of comfort for them. New students often ask our orientation leaders questions that they may have been hesitant to ask faculty or staff.


The outcome of orientation is that new students leave with a sense of pride. Pride that they are entering this exciting new phase in their life, ready to take on new challenges and prepare to enter the workforce. Students will also leave feeling prepared to take on freshman year with the necessary tools to be successful.

For all these reasons, student orientation matters.

Student Orientation Dates

Thursday, September 1 @ 8:30am

Friday, September 2nd @ 9:00am

Visit Our Orientation Page

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