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Technology Business & Management: Bridging technicians and management

Posted by Andrew Wong on Jul 12, 2016 2:00:00 PM


It's becoming increasingly important for companies to bridge the gap between technicians and management. A Technology Business & Management degree gives you the knowledge and skills to become a manager or start your own business. 

What is Technology Business & Management?

All industries are striving to be more efficient and effective in their development and delivery of goods or services. In order to achieve this enhanced productivity, companies need better tools and more innovative thinking. Technology Business & Management (TBM) blends the skills and know-how of a technician with the acumen of a business manager.

The tools being employed across every industry are technological levers and inventive approaches to old problems. This pressure in business has created a swell in the market for individuals who understand the technology end and can help bridge the gap. Increasingly, businesses are looking for employees with skills in technology and tools, as well as an understanding on how they can best used to achieve business objectives.

Technology Business & Management (TBM) blends the skills and
know-how of a technician with the acumen of a business manager.



Why is there demand for workers with this background?

We saw a need in the industries. It’s common in the business marketplace for workers to lean towards being a manager of resources (people, production, operations) or a dedicated technician. Firms have recently come to embrace a more holistic view of how management and workers need to increase their collaboration. TBM is the embodiment of this concept. It blends the manager and technician. Ideal candidates are young people who enjoy and have a natural aptitude or interest in technology, but also want the opportunities of making the business decisions that lead to success of the firm or be the author of a sustainable vision for the future of the organization. 

Why is it important to have a college degree in this field?

There are two major reasons. First, it demonstrates a level of competency and commitment to the field. Secondly, in our increasingly competitive market, employers demand employees with college degrees. The competition for the best opportunities is tough. A degree in TBM makes you tougher. If you have an associate or bachelor's degree, you’re set up for more in the long-term. There is potential for a much brighter and robust future.


What job opportunities are available with a TBM degree?

The degree opens a wide variety of prospects for graduates. Our graduates are ready to add value on day one. They can first work in technical positions, and then be better prepared to transition into manager positions. Or they may choose to become a project manager or junior business analyst right out of school. It will be somewhat incumbent upon the individual student to have an idea what type of technology they will want to support and the specific industry. Manufacturers, for example, are looking for candidates who can help manage the plan for investment in new equipment, understand its capabilities, as well as the strategic vision of the firm. 

What makes the TBM program at BFIT unique?

There are very few other degree-granting institutions with the strong reputation of BFIT. Our core competencies of technology education and training bolster a relatively new program with a long a rich history of producing graduates whose skills and education are unmatched by any school. Combining two fields, business management and vocational training, with BFIT's proven brand is its own competitive advantage.

What classes do students take and what do they learn?

Students take a blend of business courses to build their understanding of how the firm operates in the marketplace and also a broad range of technical courses to provide the student with an understanding of the technical tools that can be deployed to achieve production, manufacturing, or developmental business objectives. This is an ideal opportunity for those who have an interest in how machines and operations run but also want to be leaders of the firm.

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