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Accomplished Alumna, Leslie Tuplin ’80, joins BFIT Faculty

Posted by BFIT Editorial Team on May 31, 2017 2:47:11 PM


                                                                                                    Leslie Tuplin, Instructor of Construction Management, May 2017.

“Franklin did a lot for me, so it’s always been a dream of mine to come back.”

With professional experience from some of the most famous Boston construction projects of our time, Leslie Tuplin ‘80 returned to BFIT in January 2017 as a professor to teach Construction Surveying.

Tuplin first enrolled at the Franklin Technical Institute right after graduating from high school in the late 1970s and obtained her associate degree in Architectural Engineering Technology. “I felt like I needed hands-on work,” she said. “I loved the one-on-one availability of professors at the college when I was a student.” And today her students experience the same in her classroom. Even when there is no class in session, Tuplin opens the Construction Management lab for students to talk with her, do homework or just to sit and reflect.

BFIT President Anthony Benoit, is very pleased to welcome Prof. Tuplin back on campus. “The college is very fortunate to have an engineer with Tuplin’s experience. She brings the real world into the classroom. She also connects with this generation of students, young people who are in the same place she was when she started out.”

My sense of responsibility leads me to give back.

- Leslie Tuplin

After graduating BFIT and working for a few years, Tuplin continued her studies at Northeastern University, earning a bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in 1986. She then spent ten years as a project engineer on the Central Artery project—better known as the Big Dig. She has also served as a project manager during the construction of high schools in Chelsea and Lawrence and luxury condominiums in Brookline. In 2004, she got her General Contractor’s license. Today she is project executive and owner of Native Solutions Construction Services in Hull, MA. “I have found that there’s a sense of accomplishment in construction,” she says. “You can take an idea all the way through to occupancy.”


                                                                                     Tuplin teaches one of her Construction Surveying classes. May 2017.

In the booming market for employment in construction, Tuplin encourages her students to remain open to all opportunities that come their way. “That’s how I got my first position,” she said. “People are always looking to fill entry-level jobs in the construction industries.” And demand is growing because a large portion of the baby-boomer workforce is nearing retirement. “There are many, many opportunities in this industry and a multitude of ways to break in—and move up. Just stay open-minded and make yourself available.”

Although much has changed over the years, Tuplin noted that the Franklin she attended is not much different from Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology today. “The integrity is still here,” she said. “and I marvel at how technologically advanced the school has become. There are more computers and equipment, and new offices - and the best instructors in Boston.” The students impress her, too. “The students here are ambitious, interested, and skilled. They already know a lot about construction and are smart to be getting cross trained.”

“My sense of responsibility leads me to give back.” Tuplin believes it is important for alumni to participate in their alma mater. In addition to teaching, she enjoys as many alumni events as her schedule allows, and more importantly, “I try to be as active as I can with BFIT because we’re growing our future—a new generation of workers and leaders.

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